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151 Age: 83 Essington, James (I160138)
152 Age: 85 Shepler, Eli Marion (I147171)
153 Age: 86 Blackburn, Mary "Polly" (I184647)
154 Age: 86 Shepler, Eli Marion (I147171)
155 Age: 86 Davidson, William Jr (I184884)
156 Age: 86 Whitcomb, Clara Roaney (I161266)
157 Age: 87 Moore, Carroll Eugene (I175874)
158 Age: 87 Moore, Carroll Eugene (I175874)
159 Age: 87 Shepler, Mason Nimrod (I141287)
160 Age: 89 Shepler, Ina Gaile (I187742)
161 Age: 89 Shepler, Elizabeth E (I143082)
162 Age: 89 Shepler, John (I154824)
163 Age: 89 Covey, William Corban (I180540)
164 Age: 89 Shipler, Joseph Essington (I170903)
165 Age: 90 Shepler, David B (I142366)
166 Age: 91 Shepler, Lena (I138487)
167 Age: 92 Reed, Townsend (I158940)
168 Age: 92 Shepler, Ella Mae (I146211)
169 Age: 93 Shepler, Elizabeth "Betsy" (I181619)
170 Age: 98 Shepler, Elma Inez (I165608)
171 lists spelling of surname as 'Sluyter' Slyter, Jacob (I119)
172 Appears they must have died together in an auto accident Brown, Lazelle Mathew (I142226)
173 At least until Addison and family left Iowa, they were Quakers. They were received at Pleasant Plain MM, Jefferson Co., Iowa on certificate from Fall Creek MM, Highland Co., Ohio.
Coeta Green has death date as 11 Sep. 1819 per family bible.
Addison was the minister in the 2 marriages of his daughter Ora Annette Johnson and signed the marriage certificates. 
Johnson, Rev. Addison (I052)
174 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ball, B. (I169679)
175 BRETHERN Cemetery Shipler, Samuel (I174733)
176 Brethern Cemetery in Des Moines Township Shipler, Samuel H (I120693)
177 Brethern Cemetery in Des Moines Township Shipler, Samuel H (I120693)
178 Brethern Cemetery in Des Moines Township Shipler, Samuel H (I120693)
179 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Ora Floyd (I153644)
180 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Mary Delilah (I170454)
181 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Melvin Floyd (I171561)
182 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Brown, Sarah Ann (I171639)
183 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Ola Blanche (I164224)
184 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Lewis Sisley (I152607)
185 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Cynthia Ann (I187846)
186 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Morley, Vera Marie (I137154)
187 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Shipler, Lewis Walker (I141939)
188 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery Note that it is recorded here that Minnie Belle was wife #1 and her sister, Sadie was Oscar's #2 wife Shipler, Minnie Belle (I167376)
189 Brethren (Dunkard) Cemetery. See notation in Oscar's record that Minnie Belle Shipler was his first wife and Sadie Ann Shipler was his second! Lindbom, Oscar Fredrick (I186345)
190 Brother Samuel is a TWIN. Shepler, Evaline Steele (I171708)
191 Buffalo Township Cemetery Shipler, Dolpha Maturien (I173874)
192 burial in Crown Hill Cemetery Albert, John Dunn (I184523)
193 Burial in West's Burying Ground, West Pike Run Township, Near Coal Center, Washington, Pennsylvania Shepler, Catherine (I150841)
194 Burial in West's Burying Ground, West Pike Run Township, Near Coal Center, Washington, Pennsylvania Holman, Henry (I164509)
195 Captain Joseph Shepler.
Died Sabbath, May 15th, 1892, at his late residence in Rostraver township, Westmoreland county, Pa. He was born March 6th, 1807, on the old home farm recently owned by his brother, Lewis, but now occupied by David Deaterly. He was the oldest of seven children of Isaac and Sarah H. Shepler. His ancestors on both sides of the family emigrated from Germany and* settled in Virginia, near Winchester. The grandfather of the deceased, Mathias Shepler, with two brothers, Peter and Philip, moved from Virginia before the war of the revolution and settled in Rostraver, taking up farms on the Monongahela hill in that township, on part of which his descendant, Philip Shepler, now resides. Mathias married Margaret Houseman, whose family too was one of the early settlers in the township. Their children were John, Philip, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Mary, Margaret and Catherine. All were married and raised families, and all are deceased. Isaac, the father of Joseph, the subject of this sketch, married Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Mary Hill. Her father, at-the age of eighteen, came to Rostraver township, before the Braddock expedition, and is sugposed to have been the first white settler in the region included within the township. Isaac had as children Joseph, Lewis, Samuel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah and Polly. Lewis died December, 1881, on the farm on which he was born, now owned by David Deaterly, above named. Polly married James Wright, and are both dead. Samuel, brother of Joseph, was born July 14th, 1814, and resided on and owned a farm adjoining Joseph, being a portion of the land taken up by his grandfather Hill. He is now deceased. He had been twice married. His first wife was Eveline Steele, whom he married December 12th, 1839. She died April 18th, 1850. Jan. 29th, 1852, he married Elizabeth Couldren. Elizabeth, now deceased, was the wife of Davis Shepler, now deceased. He lived on and owned the farm recently sold by his heirs to David W. Owens, in Rostraver. Sarah, another sister of Joseph, is the wife of Jehu Stephens, a farmer living in Washington township, Fayette county, Pa. Isaac Shepler, father of Joseph, died December 10th, 1837, and his wife survived him many years, dying July, 1869. The remains of both are interred in the,graveyard at Fell's church.
Capt. Joseph Shepler passed his whole life in Rostraver township; he was educated in the schools of the township, and always attended church within its limits. Until the age of 22 he lived on the homestead where he was born. He married April 16, 1829, Mary, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Blackburn, who lived on a farm not far from what is now known as Rostraver postoffice. Mary, wife of Joseph Shepler, was born March 28, 1807, being twenty-two days younger than her husband and she survives him. Her family was among the early settlers in Rostraver. For one year after marriage Joseph and wife lived in the house of his father, then went to housekeeping on one of his father's farms, where he resided and carried on farming for eight years. In 1838 he moved to the farm on which he died. Capt. Shepler had been a member of Fell's M. E. Church over sixty years, and one of its chief supporters. His wife joined the church at the same place and time and remains in its membership to this day. Joseph Shepler had four children, two sons and two daughters. Sarah born January 7, 1830, is the wife of William Jones, of the Bellevernon banking house of S. F. Jones & Co. They have three children, Ella Jane, Joseph Shepler and Samuel. Violet another daughter of Joseph Shepler, was born August 20, 1833 and is the wife of Capt. Martin Coulson, now residing on a farm near Monongahela City, Pa. They have as children Joseph S., Margaret E. and Alfred Kerr. John B., son of Capt. Shepler, was born February 18, 1835, married Josephine Claywell, of Jo Daviess County, I1l. Their children are Shedrack Claywell, and David Richey. Isaac Hill the remaining son was born March 20, 1840, married Eveline, daughter of Samuel Shepler, to them were born James Kerr, Mary Blackburn, William Jones and Elizabeth. The death of Capt. Joseph was the first in his family or in any of his descendants. He left 12 grandchildren, eight of whom acted as pall bearers at his funeral—two sons from each of his children's families. In the church Joseph Shepler had acted well his part in the offices of Trustee, Steward and class-leader .and in all other church work to which he was called. In his native township, to which he was so devoted, he held every office and performed his duties with fidelity. He was a man of undoubted and well known integrity.
He was a military man by nature and disposition. He received the sobriquet of Captain by serving at the age of twenty-one in that capacity in the first company Eighty-eighth regiment of State Volunteers. He held the position of Captain for seven years in this company; was afterwards Captain for five years of the Monougahela Blues and First Lieutenant of the Rostraver Cavalry for seven years. His voice and commanding appearance, together with his knowledge of military tactics, gave him a first rank as an officer. He had a wonderful memory, especially for the things of long ago. He seemed to have never forgotten the incidents of the neighborhood from boyhood to the day of his death. He was firm in his convictions of right, vet gentle and hospitable in the inner man. He was a Jackson Democrat, having voted for him twice, and always voted for the Democratic candidate for President since he cast his first vote in 1828. He believed the hope of the country was in the carrying out of the principles of Democracy as first enunciated by Jefferson and confirmed by Jackson in his two administrations. He recalled to mind very vividly the incidents of the Sabbath day in 1825, when Gen. LaFayette passed through the Forks by way of Rehoboth valley.
His funeral took place on Tuesday, May 17, from his late residence. His remains were interred in' Bellevernon Cemetery. His pastor, Rev. Hildebrand, and his old friend, Rev. Mcllyar, officiated at the last rites.
[From Bellevernon Enterp1ise.]
Shepler, Capt Joseph (I160313)
196 Des Moines Township Shipler, Wilson Maturin (I141941)
197 Des Moines Township Shipler, Wilson Maturin (I141941)
198 Des Moines Township Shipler, Wilson Maturin (I141941)
199 Des Moines Township Shipler, Wilson Maturin (I141941)
200 Evergreen Cemetery Shipler, Meryle Margaret (I154120)

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