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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lily M  Abt 1865Illinois, USA I154832
2 Marian D  Abt 1899Illinois, USA I167993
3 Albin, Melissa  23 Jun 1839Illinois, USA I163289
4 Barber, John D  Feb 1873Illinois, USA I157665
5 Barnes, May C  01 May 1892Illinois, USA I143496
6 Bennett, Frederick W  Abt 1873Illinois, USA I187608
7 Blackard, Grant  Abt 1864Illinois, USA I178394
8 Blackard, Robbert  Abt 1865Illinois, USA I178391
9 Buckley, Harry  Abt 1906Illinois, USA I150179
10 George, Cynthia Elizabeth  1841Illinois, USA I160873
11 Hammontree, Sarah Jane  16 Jun 1865Illinois, USA I33307
12 Leach, Leonard Donald  22 Jul 1905Illinois, USA I178888
13 Leach, Thomas O  Abt 1897Illinois, USA I157685
14 Leach, Willard J  14 Mar 1868Illinois, USA I175767
15 Libby, Joseph M  Abt 1872Illinois, USA I152522
16 Libby, Josephine M  Abt 1872Illinois, USA I152539
17 Mansfield, Alice  10 Aug 1871Illinois, USA I178379
18 Perdue, Hazel V  09 Feb 1897Illinois, USA I160944
19 Rafter, H.S.   I178759
20 Redman, Lorena C  31 Jul 1872Illinois, USA I174303
21 Shepler, Arabella  05 May 1855Illinois, USA I150862
22 Shepler, Charles  Abt 1879Illinois, USA I151225
23 Shepler, Clara  Oct 1897Illinois, USA I154376
24 Shepler, Franklin C  Abt 1866Illinois, USA I146497
25 Shepler, Georgia A  09 Mar 1902Illinois, USA I153243
26 Shepler, Holly  Abt 1866Illinois, USA I163580
27 Shepler, I.E.   I151528
28 Shepler, Lincoln  1861Illinois, USA I151942
29 Shepler, Lulu  Abt 1876Illinois, USA I151222
30 Shepler, Mossie Opal  24 Jan 1898Illinois, USA I150689
31 Shepler, N.J.   I182353
32 Shepler, Rachael  08 Sep 1853Illinois, USA I139870
33 Shepler, Rachael  8 Sep 1853Illinois, USA I28143
34 Shepler, Ruthie May  18 Apr 1895Illinois, USA I170753
35 Shepler, William Arthur  03 Oct 1873Illinois, USA I187574
36 Sheplor, Dora Nellie  Feb 1887Illinois, USA I159667
37 Sheplor, Ella V  Jun 1882Illinois, USA I181369
38 Sheplor, Helen Minerva  1877Illinois, USA I140715
39 Sheplor, Howard H  Jan 1880Illinois, USA I159665
40 Sheplor, Otis  Abt 1872Illinois, USA I151221
41 Shipler, Benjamin  Aug 1849Illinois, USA I150715
42 Shipler, Claude  Abt 1877Illinois, USA I150064
43 Shipler, Elmer  Abt 1841Illinois, USA I142055
44 Shipler, Harvey  Abt 1844Illinois, USA I182536
45 Steen, Della M  Apr 1879Illinois, USA I150706
46 Swinford, M.E.   I181773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apfel, Anna J  12 Feb 1963Illinois, USA I33728
2 Brown, Francis Fanny  28 Sep 1900Illinois, USA I5454
3 Brown, Mossie Helen  01 Oct 2004Illinois, USA I146892
4 Morris, Sally  Illinois, USA I155105
5 Perdue, Hazel V  19 Apr 1970Illinois, USA I160944
6 Shepler, Harold Hazlett  30 Sep 1971Illinois, USA I148731
7 Sheplor, Benjamin Franklin  21 Aug 1931Illinois, USA I151451
8 Sheplor, Helen Minerva  04 Jul 1940Illinois, USA I140715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Shepler, Harold Hazlett  Illinois, USA I148731


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shepler / Gregory  1890Illinois, USA F78621
2 Winters / Shepler  15 Nov 1924Illinois, USA F66216