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Pennsylvania, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albert, John  1818Pennsylvania, United States I156488
2 Albert, Louisa Polly  Oct 1837Pennsylvania, United States I162239
3 Albert, Margaret  12 Dec 1826Pennsylvania, United States I179199
4 Baldwin, Alexander Porter  1876Pennsylvania, United States I55218
5 Baldwin, Edith Bell  Mar 1887Pennsylvania, United States I55222
6 Brown, Hettie E  Mar 1877Pennsylvania, United States I5274
7 Brown, Jacob  21 Aug 1834Pennsylvania, United States I16560
8 Coldren, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1827Pennsylvania, United States I156585
9 Coldren, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1827Pennsylvania, United States I27691
10 Compher, Sarah Amanda  18 Jun 1831Pennsylvania, United States I57716
11 Felker, Mary Polly  02 May 1801Pennsylvania, United States I170807
12 Felker, Mary Polly  2 May 1801Pennsylvania, United States I28573
13 Heisey, Jacob  15 Oct 1802Pennsylvania, United States I166325
14 Johnson, Joel  1799Pennsylvania, United States I167329
15 Shepler, Anna C  1860Pennsylvania, United States I153354
16 Shepler, Anna C  1860Pennsylvania, United States I27693
17 Shepler, Elle  May 1882Pennsylvania, United States I185825
18 Shepler, John Walker  1842Pennsylvania, United States I32085
19 Shepler, Rachel  1825Pennsylvania, United States I143998
20 Shepler, Sarah  1857Pennsylvania, United States I156793
21 Shepler, Uriah  31 Jan 1842Pennsylvania, United States I160019
22 Sheplor, Amie  1796Pennsylvania, United States I177127
23 Sheplor, Amie  1796Pennsylvania, United States I34007
24 Smith, Jonathan  1784Pennsylvania, United States I182993
25 Smith, Jonathan  1784Pennsylvania, United States I28283
26 Steele, Mary Jane  01 Jun 1912Pennsylvania, United States I182315
27 Steele, Mary Jane  1 Jun 1912Pennsylvania, United States I32875
28 Swauger, Ethel  Apr 1884Pennsylvania, United States I137016
29 Swauger, Ethel  Apr 1884Pennsylvania, United States I32855
30 Wennet, Mary Ann  13 Apr 1865Pennsylvania, United States I28965
31 Wright, Homer  1847Pennsylvania, United States I188104
32 Wright, Homer  May 1847Pennsylvania, United States I37986
33 Wright, Sarah  1852Pennsylvania, United States I174425
34 Wright, Sarah  1852Pennsylvania, United States I37987


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Larkin, Brigid  Pennsylvania, United States I850


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Houseman / Shepler  1851Pennsylvania, United States F10596
2 Pancake / Shepler  1809Pennsylvania, United States F73650
3 Pancake / Shepler  1809Pennsylvania, United States F8240