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Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Shepler, Henry  01 Aug 1737Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I177824
2 Shepler, John  1719Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I1375
3 Shepler, John  1719Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I27562
4 Shepler, Mary Margaret  1737Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I139620
5 Shepler, Mary Margaret  1737Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I27775
6 Shepler, Mathias  1740Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I145696
7 Shepler, Mathias  1740Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I27232
8 Shepler, Peter  1742Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I180916
9 Shepler, Peter  1742Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I7799
10 Shepler, Philip  1741Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I180868
11 Shepler, Philip  1741Rhenesh Palatinate, Germany I12626