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Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albin, Absolom  1780Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I161781
2 Albin, George Henry  29 Nov 1771Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I137455
3 Albin, Isaac  1778Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I170522
4 Albin, James  1775Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I141976
5 Albin, John  1775Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I182825
6 Bair, Anna Belle  13 Sep 1861Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I139038
7 Beazel, Finley  24 Aug 1828Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I149913
8 Beazel, James Sampson  06 Feb 1833Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I149906
9 Beazel, Mary Neal  17 Sep 1830Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I176415
10 Beazel, Matthew  08 Jan 1825Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I154395
11 Beazel, Rachel  23 Jan 1827Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I153973
12 Beeson, Malinda C  07 Nov 1855Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I164627
13 Copeland, Thomas  25 Sep 1795Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I171192
14 Corwin, James Morris  1783Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I139236
15 Hammond, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1802Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I168855
16 Hill, Nancy Stiles  11 Jul 1804Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I144461
17 Houseman, James K  15 Jun 1809Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I150415
18 Hurst, James Blackstone  22 Nov 1876Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I185604
19 Jones, Samuel  15 Jun 1857Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I187005
20 Kepple, Earl Leo  04 Jan 1896Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I141548
21 Kepple, Edith L  01 Jul 1904Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I174901
22 Kepple, Edna Ruth  08 Nov 1898Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I172106
23 Kepple, Gladys M  08 Jul 1901Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I174529
24 McClain, Lavina  08 Jun 1825Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I144990
25 Pancake, Catherine Jane  1808Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I157811
26 Reasoner, Mary  02 Feb 1799Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I147113
27 Reasoner, Peter Shepler  24 Nov 1801Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I180494
28 Reasoner, Rebecca  06 Feb 1797Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I173463
29 Reeves, Louisa Jane  30 Jun 1841Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I139923
30 Sheplar, George D  19 Jan 1898Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I145023
31 Sheplar, John S Capt  03 Nov 1818Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I178118
32 Shepler, Abraham  1775Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I187875
33 Shepler, Abraham  1794Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I159673
34 Shepler, Catherine  1798Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I137920
35 Shepler, Charles D  1869Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I158505
36 Shepler, Christina  09 Apr 1799Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I156971
37 Shepler, David B  03 Mar 1879Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I154569
38 Shepler, Davis  1819Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I158540
39 Shepler, Dr Joseph Taylor  20 Mar 1847Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I170981
40 Shepler, Edna V  16 Mar 1904Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I163294
41 Shepler, Eleanor Martha  06 Aug 1914Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I170889
42 Shepler, Floy  Abt 1872Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I138483
43 Shepler, Frank  1865Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I156691
44 Shepler, Frank Montford  10 Jun 1866Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I187386
45 Shepler, Hannah Isabelle  09 Aug 1848Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I184773
46 Shepler, Hannah Oburn  11 Sep 1822Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I144741
47 Shepler, Harold Hazlett  02 Mar 1884Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I148731
48 Shepler, Henry  18 Feb 1844Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I146902
49 Shepler, Issac  1800Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I163244
50 Shepler, John Irwin  08 Feb 1845Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I153028

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beazel, Rachel  08 Aug 1841Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I153973
2 Behannah, Mary 'Polly'  1898Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I159155
3 Coldren, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1907Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I156585
4 Hall, Jane Elizabeth  Jan 1901Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I185939
5 Hixson, Charles E  02 Aug 1939Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I172054
6 Hurst, Abraham H  02 Feb 1880Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I181710
7 Patterson, Abigail B  1916Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I136907
8 Sheplar, Hugh Lemmon  30 Nov 1941Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I146631
9 Shepler, Adolph Baxter  20 Jun 1953Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I157072
10 Shepler, Charles D  15 Feb 1877Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I158505
11 Shepler, Elmer E  1887Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I182134
12 Shepler, Frank  1892Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I156691
13 Shepler, Geraldine B  11 Jun 2001Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I177139
14 Shepler, Glenn Wood  22 Oct 1918Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I164673
15 Shepler, Glenn Wood  13 Sep 1965Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I141360
16 Shepler, Howard Moses  21 Apr 2008Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I149484
17 Shepler, Jacob  16 May 1833Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I142318
18 Shepler, John J  28 Feb 1994Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I156701
19 Shepler, Kelley  14 Aug 1914Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I150069
20 Shepler, Lewis H  03 Dec 1916Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I165518
21 Shepler, Samuel  23 Nov 1875Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I153085
22 Shepler, Samuel Davis  20 Nov 1904Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I137688
23 Shepler, Samuel Davis  22 Oct 1918Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I159632
24 Taylor, Elizabeth  1909Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I173931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Claywell, Cynthia Josephine  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I167301
2 Eckstein, Catherine  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I176363
3 Patterson, Abigail B  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I136907
4 Shepler, Earl George  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I148177
5 Shepler, Frank  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I156691
6 Shepler, Irven Sampson  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I153352
7 Shepler, James Wesley  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I161571
8 Shepler, John Blackburn  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I142111
9 Shepler, Samuel Davis  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I137688
10 Shepler, Violet G  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I165870
11 Swauger, Ethel  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I137016
12 Zimmer, Louisa  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA I166393


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Wright  18 Jul 1910Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F65917
2 Evans / Shepler  23 Feb 1929Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F67941
3 Hurst / Owens  15 Feb 1890Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F78139
4 Shepler / Byers  15 Dec 1906Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F69051
5 Shepler / Long  31 May 1919Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F69379
6 Shepler / Payne  20 Feb 1796Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F67193
7 Shepler / Smock  1844Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F71778
8 Shepler / Stewart  Abt 1817Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F64256
9 Shoop / Shepler  12 Mar 1924Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F64144
10 Smock / Carnes  24 Mar 1832Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F68806
11 Snyder / Kepple  24 Feb 1915Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA F73514